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The Norma Internacional on phytosanitary measures NIMFN.º 15,
created by FAO, regulating wood packaging used in
the foreign trade, and it describes phytosanitary measures to reduce
the risk of introduction and spread of pests and diseases
forestry in countries.nymph-15

This standard treatment is required when exporting to countries
as those of the European Union, United States, Canada, Mexico, China,
Korea, Australia and New Zealand, among others with the ISPM-15.
Countries that apply the standard ISPM-15 may prohibit entry to
goods transported on pallets, boxes and wood packages
they have not been treated, marked and certified according to this standard.

The European Union has added the phytosanitary treatments of
the ISPM 15 Community legislation through the modification of
Directive 2000/29/EC, which entered into force the 1 March of 2005.
Bound applies to the export of goods in the
Member countries of the European Union.LOGO NYMPH 15


The ISPM 15 requires that lumber destined to any container
or packing is subject to one of these treatments:

  • Methyl bromide.
  • Heat-treated wood heat treatment

Heat-treated wood ,is that we apply are more effective and non-aggressive environment.

This phytosanitary measure involves the application of a temperature of 56 ° C in the heart
the wood, reducing the risk of pests and forest diseases in the countries of destination.


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